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George Story 8-3-15

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Sally George and her husband returned home to find that their property in south central Oklahoma was under water so they borrowed a friend’s boat and bought a trolling motor to get up to their house.  Twelve inches of water was throughout their entire house.  “The water was clear and not much silt had washed in” but all the furniture and possessions that had been standing in water were ruined.  “We had to make the hard decision that many of our sentimental possessions had to be thrown out.”  A friend offered her vacant rental house in town for Sally and her husband to stay in until they could get things cleaned up.  Friends and family helped them clear out the house, but flood waters came again only six days later “bringing 10 to 12 inches of nasty water and muck” back into their home.  What little was salvageable before, was now completely ruined.  Sally’s automobile insurance will cover the three cars lost in the flood, but without flood insurance, nothing else will be covered.  Because the small salon on their property that Sally owned was damaged by the flood waters, she has also lost her livelihood.  Fortunately Sally was blessed by two groups of volunteers through the Oklahoma United Methodist Church Disaster Response Ministry that performed a muck-out, removing the flooring, sheet rock, insulation, and cabinets from her home.  Sally does not know what she would have done without the generosity of the volunteer teams.  “It was a gift to receive that help.”  She was humbled by the experience and wonders if she is worthy to have received such generosity.  Sally does not buy gifts for family and friends, but makes donations to charities in their honor and now knows where she will be making those donations in the future.