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Ginger Story 4-1-14

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On May 19, 2013 Ginger and her son left their home to seek shelter during the tornado.  When they arrived back at their home the following day, they found that all of their neighbors had put what belongings they had left into Ginger’s home.  Ginger had one of the few homes left in the neighborhood so all the neighbors used her home as shelter for what they had left.  So much was put in her home there was no room to get around.  The windows were broken out, roof peeled up and all the siding was in shambles from the storm.

Ginger worked with case management who asked Oklahoma United Methodist Disaster Response to do an assessment.  Following funding the Oklahoma United Methodist Disaster Response picked up this job to work.  Volunteers removed mold then installed sheetrock, flooring, windows, siding, skirting, deck and a new roof.  Ginger and her son lived in the home during all the repairs and even had her mom living with her through much of it.  After twelve months of volunteer labor Ginger’s house was complete.