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Newsletter 1-18-18

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Disaster recovery in Oklahoma has been non-stop since spring 2013.  Disasters have impacted the state each year leaving families in need of hope for recovery.  The Oklahoma United Methodist Disaster Response Ministry along with its disaster partner agencies through the OKVOAD are providing that hope.

More families are in need than we have volunteer teams registered to serve them.  Please join us by registering your volunteer team or if you are an individual volunteer contact us to join a team.

Help be a part of the hope!

Active disaster recovery sites across the United States
as reported by the United Methodist jurisdictions.

Active disaster recovery sites across Oklahoma.

Our disaster partner Catholic Charities Archdiocese of Oklahoma City provides the case management for the 2015 spring storm survivors.  Below are some survivor quotes they received following volunteer work we project managed on their home.

“My husband and I feel so blessed. Y’all made our home so much better. It’s warm now. What you do for people is a great thing.”

"I am ever so grateful for these services they provided. I could not have gotten a roof put on myself. This was truly a blessing to me. Excellent services from start to finish and so friendly and understanding. Thank you all very, very much. God bless you all and continue this program."

"I feel like this organization is God sent. I was truly afraid my house was going to be destroyed because it leaked every time it rained. I am so happy and thankful for your help. God Bless You."

"I gave up hope on my roof. I was getting ready to move out of my house. Then I received a letter from Catholic Charities and you gave me hope and a new roof. For that I am so grateful and thankful. I believe God sent you to me. I am able to stay in my home. Now I'm not feeling hopeless. Thank you so much."

"Thank you so much for all the kindness showed and all the hard work all have done. Words will never reflect how great I feel. God bless all of you!"

"I just want you to know how much I needed someone like you to come into my life. I had nearly given up!! But you have given me hope. Thank you so much for what you did for me today. God Bless all of you!!

“You know all my life I have loved to hear it rain. But for the last two years I get worried when the weather man even says there's a chance of rain. Now for the first time in two years I can listen and appreciate Gods watering my yard again. Thank you guys for giving it back to me."


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