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Newsletter 7-18-16

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OKUMC Disaster Response

July 2016 Newsletter

Survivor Story

Lisa and Bill are home owners living in south central Oklahoma.  Following heavy rains on June 12, 2016 they received almost two feet of flowing water through their home destroying everything inside (furniture, clothing and appliances).  The home currently has the electricity shut off creating a haven for mold growth given the hot summer temperatures.  On July 6-7 a volunteer team from Tahlequah UMC mucked out the home having to remove everything up to the ceiling.  Lisa and Bill came to us through the M.A.R.C. (multi agency resource center) set up on June 25.  Lisa works in another town and Bill is unemployed suffering from health problems. The family is uninsured however the county they live in is not part of the flood insurance program anyway.  They are currently living with friends until they can figure out how to move forward.

Volunteers can and will make the difference!


Volunteer Opportunities

Come volunteer with us! We will help your team find lodging near your job site as well as provide all the tools and materials needed to complete the task.  Our project managers will also provide the knowledge as necessary to learn the skills needed.  All volunteers must be 16 years of age or older.

  1. Teams – We accept volunteer teams from any state and any church or organization.
  2. Individual – If you are not a part of a volunteer team but want to help we would love to have you.  We can match you up with a volunteer team or you can register for one of our DVD days listed below.  We are offering six days where we will form teams and provide the team leadership for all the individual volunteers that sign up.
    1. Disaster Volunteer Days (DVD)
      1. Register online.
        1. Friday-Saturday,          July 29-30, 2016          CENTRAL OKLAHOMA
        2. Friday-Saturday           August 5-6, 2016         CENTRAL OKLAHOMA
        3. Friday-Saturday           August 12-13, 2016     CENTRAL OKLAHOMA

Your volunteering will help survivors like Lisa and Bill.  Families affected by flood waters are hurting as mold grows waiting for volunteers to help.

Volunteers are the  and  of Christ!

Oklahoman’s Served

The Oklahoma United Methodist Disaster Response ministry, since 2013, has served over 1,500 disaster survivors, hosted over 2,600 volunteers representing 33 states plus Canada.  This time frame consists of over 19 separate weather events caused by tornadoes, floods, ice storms and fires.


Volunteer Now

If you want to make a difference in the life of someone in need please sign up today for one of our DVD days.  We will supply the materials and leadership needed for your time to be successful in helping a survivor.  Please register online.

We will be working in the disaster affected areas of Noble, Maysville and Elmore City.  Please choose one or more of the date options of July 29-30, 2016, August 5-6, 2016, and/or August 12-13, 2016.


If I were cold and hungry, would I be looking at the night sky and marveling at the majesty of creation?  Each star in the vast sky is only one, but together the stars form powerful, stunning galaxies.  Regardless of how seemingly minor, our kindnesses to one another have the same value as showing kindness to Jesus. Compassion for the needy is not to be taken lightly even if we are tempted to think that small efforts cannot make a difference.  Each volunteer, like one star, shines bright enough to be a guide and together can paint a beautiful picture of hope.