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Newsletter 7-23-18

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Serving Until They’re All Served


It has been said many times over the years that Oklahoma is either experiencing a disaster, responding to a disaster or recovering from a disaster.  This is our state in Oklahoma.


Since 2013 OKUMC-DR has not experienced a time where we were not doing home repair recovery work putting a home back to a safe, sanitary, and secure situation.  Some months we have been in recovery from a previous disaster and responding to a current disaster at the same time.

Response being the work of collecting information on those impacted, tarping roofs, mucking-out water damage, picking up debris…  The way to recovery can be long and require immense patients as the disaster survivor and case manager create a recovery plan, home repair assessments and cost quotes are obtained, funding is secured, volunteers are recruited and the team arrives to move the disaster survivor to a new normal.  All of this takes day in-day out work to help disaster survivors remain hopeful for recovery in the least length of time possible.


OKUMC-DR faces yet another fund ending date.  July 31, 2018 is our current end, but the recovery work will not be done.  We have 20 projects from the 2015 disaster yet to complete and from the 2018 disaster we have 4 projects with more on the way.

We have been blessed to have volunteers serve 25 of the 29 weeks we have had so far this year.  Volunteers are making it happen, but our day to day diligence in telling the story, organizing the projects, and working hand in hand with the teams, are what keeps the volunteers coming.  We need to continue this work serving until they’re all served.

It will take you joining us in this mission by giving generously.

It will take you giving now more than ever.

We welcome your generous donations online.  You may also contact our office to learn more about this ministry and the need to continue.


Our project calendar shows the 2015 disaster projects yet to be completed and the beginning of projects from the 2018 disaster.

Our staff will arrange for your lodging, deliver materials and provide oversight on the task to be accomplished.  You can register online or contact us for more information.


Help us tell the story of your volunteer service with us.  By collecting your thoughts and stories from 4 short questions we can improve our efforts and share the valuable experiences of your mission.  Please tell your story today!


Shawnee St. Paul’s UMC

Sunny Lane UMC

Duncan St. Paul’s UMC

Mary Niblack Baptist Church

Noble UMC


NCCC AmeriCorps Water 4

Stigler UMC, OK

Kaskaskia UMC, IL

Newcastle UMC, OK

Christ UMC, OK

Iowa UMC, IA

Youth Force OKC, OK

West Heights UMC, KS

Shell Rock Valley UMC, IA

Church of the Cross UMC, KS

Bellevue Presbyterian Church, NE

Moore FUMC, OK

Special thanks to our OKVOAD partner for their tireless service through Disaster Case Management and the generous use of their office space for our staff.

Helping one person might not change the whole world,

but it could change the world for one person!