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Newsletter 9-15-17

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Recovery in Process...Volunteers Urgently Needed!


​In the spring of 2013 several tornadoes tore across Oklahoma leaving many families, without the ability to recovery on their own, in need of volunteer help.  The Oklahoma United Methodist Church rose up and a fully staffed grant funded Disaster Response ministry was formed.  Since that time Oklahoma has not been without families in need of recovery from natural disasters.

As this newsletter is distributed there are over 200 families from the spring 2015 disasters that are still in need of recovery.  These families, without volunteer mission teams, will experience their third winter without a safe, sanitary, and secure home.  Volunteer teams are needed now and for the foreseeable future to help all those in need of recovery.

Hear about one disaster survivors recover needs on a News 9 TV coverage story.

Hear the volunteer plea from Oklahoma United Methodist Bishop Jimmy Nunn.

Every family in need following a disaster creates a recovery plan with a Disaster Case Manager.  When home repairs are needed an assessment is done and a cost is determined.  The unmet needs group of a Long Term Recovery Committee funds the project as they are able.  Once funded, that project is listed on the Oklahoma United Methodist Church Disaster Response websites Project Recruitment Report.  Currently there are 61 funded projects with another 172 waiting to be funded for home repairs.

Churches, businesses, schools… can review the Project Recruitment Report and either pick a project based on the skills of the volunteers or they can pick a location of a project they want to adopt.  Either option helps a disaster survivor recover!
Currently there are two volunteer team types you can choose from.  One is for experienced team leaders and volunteers to accomplish the home repairs on their own.  The second type is where the Disaster Response staff provides tools and leadership to help your team accomplish the home repairs.
  • Self Sustained Team: If you have experienced team leaders, home repair skilled volunteers… then you can choose your project from the Project Recruitment Report.  The Disaster Response staff will coordinate with you in purchasing the materials.  Your team would supply the tools, make the materials delivery, and find your own lodging.
  • Project Managed Team: The Disaster Response staff will set up your lodging and purchase materials.  One of the project managers will make the materials delivery, provide tools needed and will also be onsite to provide project knowledge.
    • NOTE: This option is available in certain areas of the state only and will not be available after December 31, 2017 if more funding is not found. (See Donate to Future Recoveries)​​​

Since the spring of 2013 the Oklahoma United Methodist Church Disaster Response Ministry has been staffed with dedicated individuals aiding and assisting in the formation of volunteer teams serving across the state before, during, and after a disaster.

Since 2013 this ministry has enabled over 5,500 volunteers from 34 different states representing over 10 different denominations to serve disaster survivors across 47 of Oklahoma’s counties.  This service work has amassed over 98,000 volunteer hours valued at over $2.1 million dollars in volunteer labor.

625 family homes have been made safe, sanitary and secure!

On December 31, 2017 the grant that provides for this staff will end.   There are over 200 disaster survivors still in need of recovery that will largely go unaided if this ministry staffing ends.  When a future disaster strikes who will be there to help?  Please show your extravagant generosity to aid in Oklahoma recovery efforts by helping fund this ministry.

You can make your donation in support of this disaster response ministry by calling 405-530-2032 or by email by clinking the link below.

Provide Hope to Oklahoma Disaster Survivors by Donating Today


North Central Iowa United Methodist Church, IA

West Heights United Methodist Church, KS

Tahlequah United Methodist Church, OK