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Smith 6-12-16

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Lisa and Bill are home owners living in south central Oklahoma.  Following heavy rains on June 12, 2016 they received almost two feet of flowing water through their home destroying everything inside (furniture, clothing and appliances).  The home currently has the electricity shut off creating a haven for mold growth given the hot summer temperatures.  On July 6-7 a volunteer team from Tahlequah UMC mucked out the home having to remove everything up to the ceiling.  Lisa and Bill came to us through the M.A.R.C. (multi agency resource center) set up on June 25.  Lisa works in another town and Bill is unemployed suffering from health problems. The family is uninsured however the county they live in is not part of the flood insurance program anyway.  They are currently living with friends until they can figure out how to move forward. 

The community members that Lisa and Bill live in will need to form an LTR (Long Term Recovery Committee) in order to pool resources and funding needed to repair all the homes that were flooded.  Homes can be mucked out with little expense, but the task of putting back wiring, insulation, sheetrock, flooring, trim, paint... comes with a cost.

Volunteers and donors make the difference!