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Victoria Story 7-15-14

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On May 19, 2013, with tornado sirens blaring, Victoria pushed her mother in her wheel chair to the center of their house.  With no better place to go they rode out a direct hit inside the home.  When the storm had passed, Victoria and her mother were trapped.  Her once wooded property was now barricading them in, blocking all the doors and windows.  Neighbors came to the rescue with chainsaws and they carried her mother out of the house as the landscape was no longer wheel chair friendly.

Victoria was insured so she hired a general contractor to make repairs on her home, add a small room and garage to the back, and make the home handicapped accessible.  Being displaced from her home and still in a vulnerable mindset, the general contractor asked for payment upfront to buy supplies. After making shoddy repairs, the sub-contractors were left unpaid and were threatening Victoria with liens on her home.

Victoria learned of the Oklahoma Disaster Recovery Project and how they could assist with survivors that had fallen victim to contractor fraud.  Following case management’s assessment of the situation, Church of the Harvest was sent out to make an assessment of the needs of the home.  After funds for the work were secured in July 2014, the Oklahoma United Methodist Disaster Response team was assigned the case to get volunteers and or contractors to get the needed work done.

Following twenty months of project management working with contractors and volunteers Victoria and her mom were able to move back in their home.  They were also given a storm shelter through the Red Cross sheltering program.