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Wanda Story 6-25-15

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In May and June of 2015, days of heavy rains and floods hit north east Oklahoma.  Wanda’s home was one that took the brunt of the storm.  Ground waters flooded the home, and the heavy rains damaged the already failing roof, causing water to come into the home through the attic. The foundation of the home was damaged by the ground water, causing one end of the home to sink, thereby creating even more damage to the structure and roof of the home.

Due to the area not having a FEMA declaration, having no insurance, and there being no long term recovery committee in the area, Wanda is in a hard place. This home is where Wanda grew up, and has spent her entire life. However, the amount of money it would take to rebuild or repair the home is more than we can provide by ourselves, and there are no LTR funders operating in the area. Even if there were, repairing the damage through a committee is almost assuredly too costly at this time. 

We are working on a long term solution for safe, sanitary, and secure housing, but the process looks to be long and difficult. Without the funding necessary for repairs or rebuilding, recovery is looking much different than Wanda would choose for herself.