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Wilder Story 3-25-15

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On March 25, 2015 a tornado touched down in the Tulsa area destroying many homes and properties.  Through the disaster evaluation process it was determined this area did not qualify for a Presidential Disaster Declaration which dispatches FEMA and SBA for assistance.  This leaves all the survivors totally dependent upon faith based, non-profit and other private agencies.

Mr. & Mrs. Wilder averted a direct hit from the tornado and only received strong winds. However, those winds significantly damaged their roof and pushed a tree over on the back of their home destroying two rooms.  The damage to their home was severe enough that it forced them to move into the home of their daughter and her children. Shortly after they moved in, their daughter lost her job. 

Mr. & Mrs. Wilder are a salt of the earth couple who have always taken care of themselves. However, in their advanced years, health concerns have become the forefront in their lives. Mrs. Wilder has brain cancer, and recently had a hip replacement, which has since become infected. Her husband is also in the late stage of COPD. While in the hospital for her hip replacement, the Wilder’s damaged home was broken into, and everything else they had of value was stolen. Their home was also vandalized. With no current income, the family is facing utility cut-off and eviction from the daughter’s home.

By October the Wilder family had found their way through disaster case management and was presented to the OKUMC-DR project management team.  On October 23 a volunteer team through Mennonite Disaster Services was recruited and began roofing and rebuilding the back rooms.  After 193 man hours of volunteer labor the Wilder home was secured and ready to be finished out. On November 2 a Pinnacle Presbyterian team from Arizona arrived onsite to complete the interior work.  Following 28 more man hours of volunteer labor, the Wilder’s home is ready for them to move in.

It is only by the Spirit filled volunteers who give of their time and energies to meet the needs of families like the Wilder’s that disaster recovery is even possible.  We give thanks for the volunteers who come!

There are many more families with stories of their own who are in need of volunteer labor.  Please take a moment to pray for these families and how God is calling you to respond.