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KXII News 12 Article - 11-16-17

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Americorps repairs damaged homes in Southern Oklahoma

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ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII) -- The public service organization Americorps is in Southern Oklahoma through part of next month, helping homes damaged by storms over the past few years.

"It was a tough struggle because there was no way, I was stressing, there was no way to work a roof in." Ardmore resident Judy Brown said.

Brown has had a leaky roof for more than two years.

"I had trees all over, covering the top of the house," Brown said. "And they were just swooshing back and forth across the roof, I guess tore shingles up, because it started leaking."

And without insurance and her husband on disability, Brown could only afford temporary fixes.

"And it was going to keep leaking worse," Brown said. "Eventually we would've either had to move out, have it torn d own, and went back to renting I guess, and I don't know how we would've done that."

Enter Americorps' National Civilian Community Corp, partnering with the Oklahoma United Methodist Church.

"We're all pretty here because we have a real passion for community service, that's obviously our main goal." Sara Rademacher said.

Two weeks ago they arrived in Ardmore, and Brown's home is one of several area homes they are repairing over six weeks.

"Right after disasters happen, its in the news, people really want to help out, get involved," Rademacher said. "But when you're a couple years out like we are right now, they struggle to get volunteers because people aren't aware this is still ongoing work."

And over three days, they did over $7,000 worth of work for Brown.

"Oh thank you, a blessing. I have something to be grateful for this Thanksgiving for sure." Brown said.

And for Rademacher's team, that makes it all worth it.

"Its definitely rewarding work," Rademacher said. "Hard, but at the end of the day there's a really good satisfaction when you get to see the finished roof."