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Pre•pare / prəˈper = To make (something) ready for use or consideration.  To get ready, put together, draw up, produce, arrange, assemble, construct, compose, formulate

When is the time to prepare? Now!

It is important to have a Disaster Plan in place BEFORE a disaster strikes your family, church or community. The Planning for Disaster documents developed by UMCOR will assist in making adequate plans and preparations for a disaster.

Be prepared

Our commitment is to developing and implementing education and establishing leadership. These two key elements will lead us to educated and well defined decisions.

The areas of education and leadership are:

  • Basic Disaster Ministry Education
  • Family, Local Church, & District Disaster Plan Education (Connecting Neighbors)
  • Disaster Ministry Leadership Education (Local Church Disaster Ministry Coordinator(s), District Disaster Ministry Coordinator(s), Annual Conference Leadership Education, etc.)
  • Local Communities Disaster Education and Leadership
  • Other Group and/or Online Basic & Advanced Disaster Preparedness Education & Leadership