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Project Recruitment Report

This is a list of available disaster recovery projects funded and ready to be worked.
This list is added to weekly with new projects.
Thank you for your consideration in volunteering on one of these projects.
To help a disaster survivor recover please call 405-802-0904 to find out more.

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ID Location Priority (1=Urgent)sort descending Work Description Number of volunteers needed Number of Days for volunteers to complete job Date project added to list
24552425 - Slef Ada 1 Replace portion of roof leaking, remove and replace ceiling drywall and insulation, install flooring in bedroom. 09/21/2017
24826558 - Dkit Weleetka 1 Replace metal roof portion of home, remove replace ceiling drywall & insulation in den (180 sq ft) 10/13/2017
24311394 - Jsmi Comanche 1 Replace roof, flashing and soffit. 10/17/2017
25035799 - Lhib Chouteau 1 Leaking roof needs replaced, repair ceiling drywall, repair floor 11/13/2017
24146688 - Tboy Tatums 1 Tear off wood shake and composite shingles, deck roof, install shingles, and repair drywall. 03/26/2018
23597430 - Ahar Apache 1 Build insulated pony wall around trailer and skirt. Apply elastomeric to roof. 04/11/2018
24901295 - Sdav Lawton 2 Ceiling drywall and insulation repair in laundry room. 08/23/2017
24468959 - Jtho Newalla 2 Roof paint and drywall repair. 09/21/2017
24315240 - Ccra Asher 3 Repair drywall, replace 300 sq. ft. subfloor and finished flooring in kitchen, entry and bathroom. 4 3 06/19/2017
24525102 - Rric Wewoka 3 Remove and replace drywall in living room ceiling and kitchen. Mold is present. Drywall donated. 06/26/2017
24560780-Bbur Wilson 3 Remove and replace ceiling drywall in kitchen and dining room, tape/mud, and paint. 07/27/2017
23575481 - Bcla Ardmore 3 Repair ceiling drywall in living room and entry way. 04/11/2018
23652314 - Mwil Ardmore 4 Repair drywall & flooring, rebuild and install vanity all in bathroom. 03/26/2018
25260818 - Mwil Tecumseh 4 Bathroom repair only for flooring and drywall. 04/03/2018