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Re·sponse / rəˈspäns = A reaction to something. A reply, feedback, comeback

When is it time to respond?  The answer is not always immediate.  There are many factors that affect our response timing.  We go when it is appropriate, welcomed and organized.  The best way you can offer immediate help is to have your team of volunteers on stand-by and ready to go at the moment we are ready to be received.

Our Mailing List is a great way to stay up-to-date with news about when and how you can respond.  Also friending and following us on social media for up-to-the-minute reports.

Disaster Response

The fruit of our efforts in the Preparedness step will reap people who can discern their gifts and abilities to be able to define the area of the Disaster Response, Recovery & Mitigation Ministry to which God is calling them.

The current areas of participation (either as a leaders and a member) in disaster response are:

  • Assessment & Communications Team (Location, Type & Extent of Damages)
  • Volunteer Coordination Team (Reception, Dispatch & Liability)
  • Early Response Team (Trained & Authorized for Ingress/Egress, Shoring, Securing)
  • Response Team (Muck-Out/Ash-Out)
  • Care Team Ministry (Disaster Survivor and Volunteer Care)
  • Other response efforts which effectively prepare us to respond in service to the bigger disaster community. This could include specialized education and trainings such as: Chainsaw, CPR, Ham Radio, Weather, Area Trainers, Construction, etc.

Each of the areas above will begin with a specific training to prepare us for a proper and responsible response. The next step is establishing leadership in each area of response and that will be a key goal of these trainings.

There are many ways in which you and your church can be a part of the disaster response effort and help people in the midst of a disaster to know and experience the love of God through your presence and service.

Disasters aren't always what they appear to be on TV. In fact, disaster responders in UMCOR and other organizations sometimes find themselves working against a wave of misconceptions that wash into communities in the wake of an actual disaster.

Read this article on "WHERE are Oklahoma United Methodists in response to needs of the survivors of disasters?" 2012 Wildfire Response

How you can be involved
• Basic Disaster Ministry
• Connecting Neighbors

For more information about organizing or joining a mission team contact VIM at 405-530-2032 or